Thursday, October 20, 2011

Republish the Malay Lessons

Had been really busy lately with so many things... school exams, renovation, finding tenants, helping my sisters, doing translation blah blah blah... Wow, life is so great and versatile, though didn't help much with my balance in the bank :)!  But, the best part is  I am just so loving it!

Recently there were few inquiries from caring mothers out there asking about how I taught my daughter Bahasa Melayu, that drew me back to my blog that was "long forgotten" by me....

Thank you so much for your support. I sincerely hope that these lessons would benefit your angels too, just like mine! 

I have republished the Malay lessons using another platform ( Somehow had difficulties using the new Google Groups stuff...  not sure why. I guess I still need sometime to digest and learn the system. But anyhow, hopefully this new one will be more "downloading" friendly. 

Till then, Chao!

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