Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Girl Crushes

My daughter came home yesterday telling me that she had a fight with her best friend. She said that her heart really pain when her friend said such a thing to her.

Initially, I didn't know what exactly was going on. I told her to forgive her friend because she is her best friend. I told her to open up her heart, open up her mind, forgive and accept her again. Perhaps she didn't do it on purpose I said. Perhaps she was very tired therefore she was in a bad mood.... The more I said it, the more she cried. I didn't what to do. 
I let her have a quiet moment. We went strolling outside talked about everything under the sun except what had happened in school. 

In the evening, we talked again. She told me that her friend teased her for liking her classmate. Oh I see. Now I understand. It is the crushes thingy!

Well, having crushes on boys is absolutely a normal but yet a secret thingy that is going on in school. It is normal because it is just a natural instinct for a normal human being should behave. It is secret because it will be really embarrassed if other people knows about it and the guy you happened to have crushes on didn't like you. So, it is important to keep it a secret. 

For a child at this age, they somehow already have good understanding of the latter. Thanks to the TV shows and cartoons! 

What could be the worst to happen then? 

Your best friend teased you in front of the boy you like, that you have crushes on him! 

Oh yes! Oh yes! You feel like your whole face is blushing red and in urgent need for a hole to hide your red face! It took me quite a while to comfort my girl. Finally this works. 

I told her that well, it is a normal thing for a girl to like a boy. It is not something we should feel embarrassed about. It doesn't mean that they have cooties or what and they are different. In fact, we are just human being. God made us to like each other. Besides, everybody has crushes on somebody. True enough, my girl told me that her best friend also have crushes on another boy. 

We can make friends with anyone, be it a boy or a girl as long as they are nice to be with. She likes to play with that boy because he happens to be nice to her. So, i tell her the next time you know your friend has crushes on someone, do you laugh at her? 

She smiled and said I will tell her it is a normal thing. Don't worry, I will keep the secret for you. 

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