What are we doing this month?

This month we are into Origami. Last school holiday, I bought an origami book for my daughter from Kuala Lumpur. She has great interest in making origami.

She has made all of the items in the origami book and could remember the steps for most of the items in them.

So, it is time to get another one for her.

We went around bookstore in HCMC. As expected, we could not find one that is good for her use (there are mostly in Vietnamese).

So, finally she turned to the internet. To her surprise, she found some great websites offering many creative origami paper art. Many are downloadable for free too. Some complicated ones are even explained via video clip, step by step, very easy to follow. 

It was great fun for her.

My girl was in front of the computer practically every minute, every hour enjoying the origami

I printed out some of her favourite ones and bind them into a booklet for her.

She loves it so much. Once again, children have simple mind. So, let's stop buying expensive gadget for them. Make something, they will appreciate too.

Here are the websites we found with great origami instructions. Try them out with your kids! 

These are some of the works she has done.

By the way, one of the items is my Mother's Day gift this year!

At the rate my girl is working on origami, her origami papers are running out fast! The websites above offer some printable origami papers - single sided or double sided. There are very beautiful. But for me, printing may make my printer really "tired". So, I normally opt for wrapping papers. They are multi-colours, lovely pictures and full of patterns. It costs like 5,000VND (less than USD0.35 each) a piece. I can cut like 8 pieces of square origami papers (~18x18cm) with remainder 4 pieces of rectangular origami papers (14x18cm) or 4 pieces of 14x14cm instead. It is easy to make and value for money too!  

Have Fun!