Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moving again... thank god it is finally over!

It has been quite a while I didn't drop by. One day my husband's boss said opphs.. you gotta go back to HCMC! What, another move again in exactly 15 months!

We had moved from Kuala Lumpur to HCMC and had been staying there for 15 months when my husband's boss said, "OK time to move. Here you go to the next city, Hanoi!"

Hurray! We packed all our belongings, got the mover to shift our things, found a new school for my girl and there we went happily ever after to the next chapter of life!

15 months later, we have to move...again... and yes again back to HCMC! Excited? Tired? Grateful? Giving up?

Well, it is a mixed of all kinds of feelings.
Excited yes, because we got to go back to HCMC, the fascinating city.
Tired, yes for me, it was very tiring having to pack and move and unpack and blah blah blah...
Grateful because there is still job to do. There was still chance to continue with international school for my girl.
Giving-up yes, we had once thought about that because shifting from one place to another within such short period of time is indeed not healthy for my girl.

But, here we are in HCMC now. It is finally over. My husband is assigned to a new job function. Finally, my girl got into the most famous and longest waitlist ever international school - The British International School. It is indeed a very good school. Everybody has a great fresh start. For me, I have a new apartment to move into. I made a bunch of new friends and met some old ones. I explored new places for marketing. It is a fresh start for me too. A new chapter of life restarting in HCMC for all of us. Bravo!!

hmm... I think I should start thinking about writing a novel about my life! Gee... I wish everybody has happy day everyday!


Simple way to get rid of mosquito eggs

Having problems with mosquitos laying eggs in your garden pond?

The usual way of preventing this from happenning is to have a few fish in the pond.

However, if you are a non-aquarium lover like me, perhaps having fish in the pond is equally troublesome as having mosquitos eggs in them.

They both need maintenance!

There is a very simple way of getting rid of mosquito eggs all together and yet you don't need to rear a bunch of fish in them.

Just drop a few copper coins in the still water and that's it!

The copper in the water will discharge some kind of chemical in which will hinder mosquito from laying eggs in there.

Even snails dislike the smell of the copper.

You will find that the water in your pond will become crystal clear after a while.

In fact, it can double up as a feng shui pond instead!