Thursday, October 20, 2011

Goodbye Year 3

Time flies... time really flies! 

Today - 20.10.2011 - is the last day of year end exam, hurray! 

Don't get me wrong. I was not the one having examinations. It was my daughter. 

Nowadays, which parents who do not participate in their child's examination... to certain extend, it was like we were the one going for the examinations.  Sigh...  

My daughter was in international schools since she was 5 because we stayed overseas then. When she was 9, we came back to Malaysia. 

At the age of 9, she entered local Chinese school for the first time. I still recalled, that day - 3.1.2011  was a horrified day indeed.  

Not knowing how she would fair herself, we went ahead to register her with a local Chinese school nearby. Many of my friends said it was a very harsh decision I had made.

Over the months, some good stuff, some bad stuff ...  I see her smile, i see her grief, I see her laugh, I see her cry, I heard fascinating stories about her classmates, i heard complaints about how terrible a few of the boys in her class, clumsy acts, funny jokes, the boy she hated most said she's his girl friend ha! But most importantly, I see her grow.

I once asked her how she finds the schools she attended so far as compare to this current one? She told me that in her previous schools (yes... is "schoolsss"... this is her 5th school, by the way!), there were not much problems. Things were so easy then. Teacher and assistant teacher would sort everything for them. A few clicks on the computer, it's done. 

For this school now, everything you need --- it's either "don't have", "missing", "bring your own", "broken", "finish already", "find it"... she told me that they had to run around the school to look for it and sometimes they had to ask around to find answers. 

I said: "Wow, that must be terrible!"  

But she said: "Not really, I learn to do a lot of things on my own. I  know where to find the things I needed." 

 Wow, as the Chinese saying goes, 吃得苦中苦,方为人上人 (meaning: no cross, no crown), is indeed true! 

An triple scoop ice cream and KFC for lunch is the treat she gets for being so well behave and made her way through.  

Daddy and mummy are so proud of you and good luck to Year 4!


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