Monday, June 7, 2010

Amazing Onions and Bananas

Some facts about the amazing onions and bananas.

1. cut onions are POISONOUS, particularly the uncooked ones.
2. onions can combat flu.
3. bananas quiet a cough.

I had tried them out, and the result is amazing!
Our family doesn't eat a lot of onions. Sometimes, I will use it to stir fry with eggs but one onion plus 2 - 3 eggs is just too much. So, I usually use half for stir fry and wrap the other half with fresh wrap, keep in refrigerator for the next meal. 

When I need to use them, they usually turn really ugly that I had to throw them away.

But now I don't have to do that anymore. I slice out whatever amount of onion I need for cooking,. Then, I will place the remaining cut onion in a bowl and put it in the living room. 

Onion is a strong magnet to bacteria. Hence, when placed in open air, it absorbs the bacteria away.

I have been doing this for six months now.  We seldom down by flu. Even we had, it was very mild and would recover within the next day. Our body immune system seem to improve too. We don't get infected so easily despite our influenza jab has expired.

My girl used to catch cold and flu very easily. Now, it has reduced a lot. 

Last Friday, she had fever. I fed her with a dose of paracetamol in the afternoon. At night, I put 2 pieces of cut onion on the table next to her bed. The next day, she recovered totally. I  didn't need to follow-up with more paracetamol nor visiting doctor. 

I Also didn't give her any cough syrup.  Instead she took bananas . The fact is bananas is the better medicine to quiet a cough. She took a few pieces of bananas on Saturday and she was fine after that.

I usually change the cut onions 2 - 3 times a week depends on the condition (ie. the extent of bacteria absorbed). You will notice that on days when someone in your family have cough or running nose, some black powder-look spots (like fungus) may appear on the surface of the onion. Just replace them with new ones. It is as simple as that .

These are 3 days old cut onions. Notice the front two pieces  with darker shades than the back two? The dark ones were in my daughter's room last Friday when she was not feeling well.

Simply amazing onions and bananas!

Easy, cheap and effective way to keep our family healthy.  

So, start putting onions in your living room and bedroom today to see the result. 

Natural healing is the best cure! 

p/s. the above suggestion is good to combat flu however if symtoms persist, please visit your nearest clinic for more advice. It may not be just flu. 

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