Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unit 10 Bahasa Melayu Lesson - Buah-buahan

I have created the quick download link (on top right panel of my blog) for easy downloading of the Bahasa Melayu Lesson. I have uploaded so far Unit 1 - Unit 9. Today, I will be uploading Unit 10, about fruits (Buah-buahan).

Just a quick overview of this lesson. I tried to use simple sentences in the role play so we can focus on the learning of fruit names. Try to do the role play with your children several times throughout the week.

If need be, ask your children to draw the fruits next to the "bold" words. This helps them remember. 

Up until this stage of learning, you will notice that I still have not touch any topic on grammar. The focos now is for children to understand the usage of keywords, build up their vocabularies and let them familiarize with the simple sentence formats. It will make more sense when we introduce grammar later. 

Click here to download this unit. 

Go to "Quick Download" page if you want to view or download the rest of the Units. 

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