Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Little Success Story - Please Come Back at 4.30

Following my previous post "Knows When to Come Home...", time flies. It is going to be one year ever since I "trained" my girl to know when to come home.

It was not put to test for quite sometime because when we were staying in Hanoi, there were not many kids staying in the same apartment as us. Hence, less "distraction" as in -- "Hey, come to my house to play!" that kind.

But, ever since we moved to Ho Chi Minh City, the old habits came back. On the contrary, I must say this is a good chance for her to socialize and it is much convenient than before.  Unlike in Hanoi, her play dates were organised by moms and dads. It would happen only once in a while or during term break or when one of the parents was free to ferry them to and fro whatever.

Now, everything becomes so reachable and manageable. As usual, the moment she stepped into the house, the first thing that she ever said was: "Mummy, can I go to my friend's house to play?" or "Mummy, I want to go swimming with my friend at 3.30 today."

I would never say no to her request. I reminded her of our house rules. Bring a watch, read the time and come back on time.

She has understood very well that for as long as she abides by the rules, permission will be granted. It is the real testing ground now.

Yesterday, she came home from her friend's house at exactly 4.30pm. I didn't have to call her to come home nowadays. At 4.30pm, the doorbell will ring.

She was happy to come home because one day after her play, she told me: "Mummy, my friend's nanny said that I am a good girl because I promise to come home at 4.30, and I did it myself."

She was so proud of herself and I am very proud of her too .... what is more, my mission is finally accomplished!

I am very glad that she finally knows when to come home.

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