Friday, June 5, 2009

Knows when to come home....

We are staying in apartment. Usually after school, they are many children playing in the playground or the swimming pool. My daughter will meet her friends there as usual ~ Come, lets play at my house! is their usual thing.

Every time when she goes to friend's house to play, the "stressful" thing for me is having to persuade her to come home for shower and dinner. I had to stop in the middle of my cooking, changed into something decent though is sweat everywhere, then go to pick her up. Sweat and smelly on one hand, and on the other hand, my girl didn't want to come home with me. My soup is boiling, I am boiling too! Gosh! what do I do .....

"U don't get to play anymore!"

That was the first thing i would say to her the moment we reached home. And from that day onwards, the moment she got down from school bus, her face turned sad and sour. Whenever her friend invited her over, she would look at me with her most pitiful expression....

So, i made a deal with her. First, i taught her how to read the time from her watch. The moment the watch turn 5:00, its time to go home. If she comes home on time, then tomorrow is another play day. No questions ask! If she didn't, she will not get to play in her friend's house in the next two days. Of course, I do not penalize her for not reaching home at 5 exactly, as long as she reached home by 5.15pm or 5.30pm, it is absolutely acceptable because the point is she knows how to stop and when to come home.

It has been going on quite well now. Every time she goes out to play at friend's house, she has been able to reach home no later than 5.15pm.

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