Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Religion is Not Important

A friend emailed this to me. It is really the truth of life. There is no good or bad religion. Any religion that makes us a better person, that is a good religion for us. I always believe that everything starts from our heart. A good heart will nurture good action.

I recalled on the eve of last Chinese New Year, my daughter asked me why do we need to burn the paper clothes, paper shoes and all the shining papers to our great grand parents? Will they ever receive them? How do they receive them if it is all burnt like that?

I was really speechless. I do hope someone will answer me this question because I had been wanting to ask the same question myself but I know there will not be logical answer to this because I am an adult. She is just a child. She believes that everything we do must have a reason.

I told her that it is a way we show our respects and care to our ancestors. By doing this, we are telling them that we still remember you. You are still our great grand parents no matter where you are.

During Chinese New Year, we buy new clothes for ourselves. But, not to forget, our great grand parents needed new clothes for Chinese New Year too. Therefore, we gave to them on this special occasion. 

If you ask me, is this a right or wrong religion? Honestly, I don't know. But, what I know for sure is she will grow up to be a good person because she understands the meaning of respect. 

On this note, please enjoy this video. 

p/s. in case when you click PLAY button on the YouTube and the message "The video you have requested is not available, simply copy and paste this bold text Your Religion is Not Important in the YouTube search bar at the top, it will lead you to the video. The first video on the list with Lamma on the screen, that is the one. Enjoy!

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