Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Visit to the Dentist Chapter 4

   “Shirley, dentist doesn’t give injection nowadays. There is a special kind of gel. Spread the gel on your gum, you won’t feel the pain when the dentist pulls the tooth out.” Daddy said.

   Another fairy tale I thought to myself. Nancy Krulik (she is one of my favourite authors of the century) said dentist would give an injection first!

   “I don’t want.” I said.

   “What about daddy buys you a brave girl present? Let’s go and get it now.” Daddy said. This was some kind of surprise to me. Just like the playing computer games in the middle of the night kind of surprise. Daddy never bought me presents for free. I have to either earned it myself or I really behaved very very well at home or on special occasions like my birthday, Christmas or something.

   Within fifteen minutes, we were in the departmental store. Daddy said that as soon as I finished seeing the dentist, I could own the present. We walked round the departmental store. My eyes were wide opened scanning each and every item on the shelf.

   I saw what I wanted. My best friend in old school, Terry, had one of those. It was a nice pencil case. It was not an ordinary pencil case. It was a PERFECT pencil case for a PERFECT young lady like me, Shirley Shee. The pencil case has many gadgets. With press of buttons, my pencils, ruler, eraser would jump out of the case. I could check the dates and temperature with my pencil case too.

   Daddy bought me the soon-to-be-my present. On the way home, I had the pencil case by my side, nicely wrapped in a see-through plastic bag. Daddy said that I could look at it and touch it for a while. After I seen the dentist, I could have it. As I was flipping the case, I saw something - a thin piece of plastic in between the case. Another hidden gadget I thought. When we arrived home, I decided to try my luck.

   “Mummy, may I open the pencil case for a short little little while?” I asked mummy.

   "You will get to open it after you see the dentist this coming Saturday.” Mummy replied.

   “I just want to see the gadget. Just one peek, OK Mummy?” I pleaded.

   “All right, just one peek. You promise to seal it back after just one peek, OK?” Mummy said. I knew Mummy was always nice to me. I knew I had to follow some ground rules but with mummy I could sometimes bend the rules a bit and straightened it back afterwards.

   I opened the plastic bag carefully so that I won’t break it. I needed to wrap it back as best as possible as if it had not been opened before. I tried to press the thin piece of plastic. Nothing jumped out of the case. Strange.

   “Look at the illustration inside the pencil case, Shirley.” Mummy said. Oh yeah, I must be too excited until I couldn’t even think straight.

   I managed to work it out. The thin piece of plastic was swung out. Wow, it was a magnifying glass! Wow, what a detective pencil case!

   I couldn’t wait until Saturday. Another three days, oh dear…I needed the TIME MACHINE badly…..


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