Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Visit to the Dentist Chapter 5

   As I said before, I was a PERFECT young lady. I honoured what I said. I promised I won’t open the present and I kept my promise. Well, to tell you very frankly, I actually forgotten about the detective pencil case for a while. You know, it was not my present yet, it was just a soon-to-be-my present, so I didn’t really ask my brain to keep a record of it.

   "Shirley, tomorrow is Saturday. We are going to see Dr. Phuong.” Mummy reminded me on Friday night.

   “Don’t tell me mummy.” I said.


   “Well, you wanted the brave girl present. Isn’t it?” Mummy said.

   “Yeah, but just don’t tell me.” I said.

   Mummy understood. What I meant was just bring me there. I didn’t want to think about it and I certainly didn’t want the monster dentist to come after me in my dream tonight. I just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.

   The next morning when I woked up, everything seem quite normal. Mummy prepared breakfast as usual. Daddy prepared to go to work. I had my breakfast as usual too, watching my favourite Tom & Jerry cartoon of course.

   As soon as I finished my breakfast, Mummy said: “OK, let’s get going. Dr. Phuong didn’t like patients who are late.”

   I opened daddy’s special cupboard wanted to take a good glimpse of the pencil case before I went to see Dr. Phuong. Daddy had a special cupboard in the living room. He didn’t like anybody to mess up his belongings so he would keep all his things (I meant things that he thought I was too young to handle) in the special cupboard. I knew he would keep the soon-to-be-my present in his special cupboard because that was the only “safe” place in the house, out of reach by a PERFECT young lady like me. But, I tell you a secret. I could reach it now because I have grown taller. Daddy didn’t notice actually. Gee….

   “You can pack it in your bag and bring it with you.” Mummy said.

   “I can?” I can’t believe what I heard.

   “Yes, it is a brave girl present. Isn’t it? It will make you brave. As soon as you finish seeing Dr. Phuong, you can open your present.” Mummy continued.

   Shortly after that, we arrived at the dental clinic. There were a few people waited at the reception area. I saw strangers with sour faces. The nurse at the registration counter was the only one who had smile on her face. Of course she was happy because she didn’t need to see dentist. She sees Dr. Phuong everyday.

   Mummy filled up a form while I was busy trying to control my heartbeat. It just went “pip pop pip pop pip pop pippop pippop pippop”. Mummy said that heartbeat of a normal people would be 60 to 80 a minute. It would not be good if it shoots up to 100. I started to worry if I would get heart attack for that.

   “OK, sweetheart. We are done. Let’s sit down there and wait.” Mummy said.

   “Mummy, can I see my pencil case?” I asked.

   “Go ahead.” Mummy answered without even thinking. I opened it and started to play with it. We were seating by the glass window. I saw two kids were playing jump rope at the pavement outside the glass window where we were sitting. They saw my detective pencil case. I could see how much they admired it. I was so proud that I made the right choice to come to the dentist at this very moment. As they were looking, I started to demonstrate how it worked. They eyes were wide opened, as wide as when I first saw this pencil case.

   “Shirley Shee.” I heard my name was being called. Mummy quickly ushered me to keep my case and followed the nurse to Dr. Phuong at Level 3. My heart went “pip pop pip pop pip pop pippop pippop pippop” again…..

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