Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Visit to the Dentist Chapter 3

   “Shirley, you need to see dentist otherwise your teeth will not grow nicely. Brian went to see dentist whenever he has a loose tooth. It is really nothing.” Mummy kept nagging behind my ears.

   “Mummy, I am not Brian. Brian is a boy and I am a girl.” I said.
   “Sweetheart, Dr. Phuong is very good with kids. Sammy’s first dental visit with Dr. Phuong was very pleasant as well.”

   Mummy added on. I didn’t want to pay attention to what mummy was saying.

   “You want to end up like Sammy when you turned 15 years old?” Mummy raised her voice a little bit.

   Sammy was my mummy’s best friend’s daughter. She was 15 years old. She didn’t like seeing dentist just like me. It was worst for her because she had to keep this embarrassing secret for 15 years (I only kept it until 7!). Now she wanted to go to dentist because she would be grown-up soon and she needed to look beautiful. She wanted to do colourful braces just like her best friend. Dr. Phuong said that she had 13 cavities to patch. Before she could do the braces, she needed to fix the cavities. In one month’s time, she had to visit Dr. Phuong four times just to patch all the cavities. Dr. Phuong said that she would need to do only one tooth every year if she had started seeing dentist when she was three. Yeah, I guess I would not want to end up like her. It wasn’t fun at all. it was just P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!

Painful x 13 times - 13 cavities to patch

Embarrassing x 15 times - she was 15 years old

Ridiculous - because Dr. Phuong’s jaw would drop to the floor!

Fantastic Imagination - I guess as we grew, our imagination grew too. There would have been scarier monster dentistsss for sure!

Entertaining x infinite times - a funny story passed on and on and on and … just like my mummy’s friend passed to my mummy, mummy passed to another mummy, another mummy passed to another mummy….. Soon, Sammy would be famous!

Cavity x 13 times - she had 13 cavities, didn’t she?

Total Disasters when all the above add up.

   To receive the honour of "First visit to dentist at the age of 15", you will have 13 cavities to patch, becoming famous for nothing, Dr. Phuong’s jaw dropped to the floor….

   I certainly did not want to be like Sammy. But I didn’t know how to be Brian either. I needed the TIME MACHINE badly…..

   I tried so many ways to convince myself to see dentist because I did not want to end up like the PERFECT Sammy! Unfortunately I just couldn’t find any.

   I flipped through all the records in my brain (my mummy said when we wanted to recall something but we couldn’t, it must be because our brain needed some time to flip through the thousands of pages of information in our brain. Sometimes it took us more than two days to find it or sometimes our brain just gave up looking for it!). I went to my little library (gee… my big book shelf actually) to do some research like my mummy. I read through all the dentist story books I had in my little library. I read them over and over again. I didn’t believe any of the fairy tales in them.

   As you know, to pull a tooth, the dentist would give you an injection. After the injection, the dentist would take a pliers or something to pull your tooth out. Ouch, just like that! Oh my god! That was the worst thing that could ever happen. I hated injection. I hated pliers. I hated loose tooth. I hated.. oh no… I needed the TIME MACHINE badly….. really badly…..

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