Thursday, May 13, 2010

My first visit to the Dentist Chapter 2

   The secret was ... emm... I should make it more difficult to guess...

Try to break the code to find out about my secret.

a=z, b=y, c=x, d=w, e=v, f=u, g=t, h=s,i=r, j=q, k=p..... see the pattern?

r zn hvevm bvzih low mld zmw r szev mlg yvvm gl hvv zmb wvmgrhg!

   See, I told you, it was a very embarrassing secret. I could not share it even with my best friend. Only my mummy and daddy knew about it. I knew it was not normal for my age but you see, I am a PERFECT young lady; I didn’t have any tooth problem at all.

   I did have a few loose teeth. I wiggled them myself, cleaned them nicely and I kept them in my secret little box.

   You see, when we were sick, we would see doctor. Doctor would give us medicine and we would recover after taking the medicine. Have you ever seen doctors if you were not sick? You get what I mean, that was why I thought it was really not necessary. Unfortunately, one day……

“Shirley, how is your new tooth coming along?” daddy said.
   Come to think of it, I was asking for trouble myself. I was standing in front of the mirror doing funny faces (something I enjoyed doing during my free time, and daddy walked pass me. He saw my teeth in the mirror and that was why he asked. So to avoid trouble in the future, I am telling myself that next time, don’t ever do funny faces in the mirror when your daddy walked pass!

   Daddy flipped my upper lip, and then my lower lip, then he said:” Honey, I think she needs to see dentist. She has two permanent teeth coming but the milk teeth are blocking the way.” My daddy shouted to my mummy in the kitchen.
   It was like the whole world came down to my face. NOOOOOOooooooooo!! That night, I couldn’t sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw images of monster dentist chasing after me. My mummy was beside me telling me bedtime stories, patting my back as she used to do when I was three months old. She put my head on her soft chest hoping that I would doze off like before. All these didn’t seem to work at all.

   “Come sweetheart, let’s play Diner Dash!” Mummy said. I was so surprise because it was already over 12 midnight. I was never allowed to play computer games after 9pm. Today, my mummy allowed me to play computer games at 12 midnight! I played and played until my right hand was so tired clicking the mouse button.

   “Mummy, may I close my eyes to rest a while?” I said with a tired voice. Well, not only my hands were tired, actually my eyes were very sore too.

   “Sure, go lie down on the bed for a while. “ Mummy said.

   Before I knew it, it was the next day. I woke up in the morning, I still had that monster dentist in my head. I was expecting my daddy or mummy would ask me to go to dentist again. But surprisingly, nobody mentioned anything. I thought to myself: “Yes…. I am safe”. See, like I said it is really not necessary to see dentist after all.

   Several days passed, the monster dentist disappeared and I forgot about the dental visit all together. My mummy forgot about it too, I thought, until one day……

   “Shirley, I found a good dentist! Dr. Phuong is very good with kids. All my friends’ children go to him. He is funny, nice and handsome. My friend’s daughter, she is …..” Mummy was talking non-stop. This was what I meant sometimes my mummy’s request could be quite “overboard”!

   Finally I knew why nobody was talking about visiting the dentist during the past few days. Mummy needed time to do research. It took her 3 days 7 hours and 30 minutes to work on her research paper (I figured them out in a piece of paper by calculating time from the day daddy checked my teeth until this very moment).

   The whole world practically splashed all over me from head to toes. How I wished I had a that could bring me to one day after the dentist visit!

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