Thursday, May 13, 2010

My first Visit to the Dentist Chapter 1

    Hi, my name is Shirley Shee. I am 7 years old. My mummy always said that I am the best child among her other friends’ kids.

   My mummy also said that many of her friends so envy of her having me as daughter. Especially those with boys, naughty boys I mean. Every time they saw me, they would have the urge of having another baby, of course a baby girl as sweet as Shirley Shee, and that is ME!

   From young, my mummy said I have been very good girl, apart from when I was in her womb, I was kind of naughty as my mummy was saying. I liked to disturb her at 1.45 in the morning. She had to wake up in the middle of the night to sooth me to sleep again. Mum, I wasn’t naughty actually. As you knew, I was not able to speak at that age. I was just trying to tell her that I would be born at 1.45am. See, I was born at exactly 1.45am on the 12th of December.

   But, after I came out from her womb, my mummy said I was never a problem. Well, only the initial three months after I was born, I had a habit of waking up in the middle of the night. My mummy had to carry me and patted me on my back so that I would go back to sleep. As soon as I dozed off, well kind of, she would set me in my bed.

   As soon as I was in my bed, I started to cry again. Mummy had to pull me to her arms again and … over and over she had to do this until… She got so tired that she put me on her chest while she leaned on two pillows behind her back, then she would pat my back trying to catch some sleep at the same time.

   Sometimes mummy dozed off before I did. Even at that age, I knew it because when she dozed off, she stopped patting me. But, that was OK mummy, I understood. I loved her soft chest, not really the patting though. I couldn’t speak at that time, so I couldn’t tell her that.

   Mummy said that she needed to rest because she had to go to work the next day. She couldn’t be staying up all night to watch me. Well, mummy didn’t quite understand me. I didn’t do it on purpose actually.

   As you know, I was not able to speak at that age, so it was kind of hard for me to explain to her how bad the baby cot cushion was. It was very hard that I could feel how many wooden planks below the cushion. It made me so hot until I could feel my sweat building up behind my back and around my neck. How would I be able to, at the age of three months, to sleep on such a bed?

   So, I decided to express my thoughts through theeeesseee actionsssss. Anyway, my mummy said that was OK because she knew I missed her heartbeat and she was happy that I missed her even in my dream.

   Well, back to where we were, as my mummy was saying, she had never had any problems with me since I was three months old. I had no problem at all in school. All of my teachers except one (I will tell you the story later), said that I have been a very polite, obedient, hardworking, helpful, talented, well-mannered, confident and brave young lady. She has been very proud of me all the time. I knew it of course, because from her smile and her sparkling eyes, I could see them.

   I always tried my very best to do what mummy asked me to because I knew there were good stuff and there made me become a better person.

   Well, you know, like the grown-up said, we are humans, we made mistakes too. So, sometimes I could not help it when my mummy’s request was a bit “overboard”. I threw tantrums sometimes. But, I am sure everybody does.

   I saw my mummy threw tantrums to my daddy sometimes. My daddy did the same thing to her too, and sometimes to me as well. I forgave them. So, I would expect they would forgive me as well. Nevertheless, I promised myself I would try harder to make my mummy happy every time I upset her.

   Having been such a PERFECT (= polite + obedient + hardworking + helpful + talented + well-mannered + confident + brave) young lady, I had (I think) one little bad stuff. I won’t really say it was a very bad one, but I think it was more like a secret. An embarrassing secret that nobody (especially my beloved teachers and best friend, 2nd best friend, normal friends should ever know). The secret was…………. 

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