Friday, June 12, 2009

I am thrilled!

Yesterday was a great day for me! I got my first work-from-home job. For the first time over the past two years, I felt so contented and thought that life is just so meaningful having to spend time with my family at the same able to make some pocket money. 12 June was indeed a day to REMEMBER!

Having tight dateline, I had to put aside some of the chores and even "neglect" my girl for a couple of hours. I told her that I had some assignment to do. Though she was a little bit confused how on earth I could actually got a job from the computer?! Anyway, that was not the point. The point was .... please read on...

I told her I would be busy the the next day or two and had asked her for a favour. She helped me to clear away the dishes on the table, she even wiped the table. Sometimes we didn't know our kids could do so much. The point I wanted to share was I saw Lv being so capable in the absence of me!

It is important to educate our children from young to do simple chores. Be it just beating some eggs, mixing flour, smashing tomatoes, clearing away their toys ... whatever. By giving them the training from young, they tend to be more helpful in doing housework as they grow older.

That was why Lv was able to help up during the "emergency". We always fear of the mess they "might" create, hence we choose to shoo.. them away. This unfortunately would discourage them from helping in the future.

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