Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's play Together. Yes or No?

Yesterday was the first day of summer holiday. My daughter invited her classmates over for a "Let's play day". Naomi and Seo Jeong were such wonderful playmates. They listened. They shared. They didn't argue at all. They were just the Perfect Playmates.

"we were playing cooking just now, and now we are playing doctor."

"After this, we want to go for a swim and then, we will watch high school musical."

"I want to be doctor too!"

"Excuse me, Lv's mum, could you be our patient?"

"oh no, my mum would like to do her usual stuff at the computer."

"thanks darling!" I was saved hah!

"Opsh.. you have pain in your arm, we need you to take urine test and poo poo test."

"Wow! You are such a good patient. I will give you this little doggy as a gift."

One hour later, I interrupted their play : "Anybody wants some snacks?"

Within seconds, they planted themselves a nice seat in front of the TV. This is the time they got to eat all kinds of things without having to ask mum first! Simulteneously the high school musical movie started too... They sang and danced along, while crunching their seaweeds and biscuits!

Next on the line, SWIMMING! "Let's get change." Oh my god, they didn't even check the clock. The play time of 2 hours was almost up and mum would be on the way to pick up any moment! I had to quickly pick up the phone and called their moms to stay home for another hour.

Such a fun-filled morning! As expected, the "Let's play day" ended nearly 3.5 hours later!

Well, the point is, as parents, we line up lessons after lessons for our children preparing them a bright future ahead. We must not forget that it is equally important to prepare our children to accept and be accepted in the grown-up world. "Let's play day" is one of the easy-to-organise event that are able to nurture such values.

"Let's play day" can be granted in the form of reward ie. since you behave so well over the last week, so you get to invite your best friend over to play.

Advantage of Playing Together
Playing together enhances social skill, keep them active and energized.

It encourages the quality of:
- sharing
- self-responsibility
- self-confidence
- togetherness
- understanding
- accept tolerance

6 Ways How to Ensure a Pleasant "Let's Play Day"

  • Limit the playmates to maximum of 2. As the numbers increase, the possiblity of argument is higher. They may not be able to interact positively.
  • Set the play time limit and make it short. Set fix start and end time for all parties. Be it your child as host or guest, we need to respect punctuality in order for children to understand that when it is time to wrap up, then it is time to go. Generally 1 - 2 hours will be sufficient.
  • Observe the play especially when it comes to new playmates. If you find that they can't really get along together, you may ask your child's permission before inviting him / her in the next visit.

  • Snack time - this is usually the highlights of the entire "Let's Play Day". Little tit-bits, finger food and drinks will be great for kids.

  • Set aside "the-must-not-share" kind of toy before playmates arrive. Some children may not like others to touch their best and super-cool toy car. Make sure you put them away prior to the playmates' visit.

  • Early time's up warning - Rather than abruptly end the play day, it would be a good idea to warn them that they have 10 more minutes left.

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