Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simplified Important Goal 将重要目标简单化

Little Story for Our Children,

In one of the important tournaments, a high-jump athletic was facing the final crucial jump to the Gold Medal. The coach told her that : "Once you jump over this 2 centimeter, you will get the new house." She didn't manage to jump over the crucial 2 centimeter.

In Los Angeles Olympics, when the injured diver, Louganis, faced the final strive to the Olympics Gold Medal, the coach told him that : " Your mom is at home waiting for you. Once you are done with this last strive, you can go home and eat the meat pie your mom made." Louganis used all his preseverence and vitality, he succeeded finally and won the Gold Medal.


在一次重要的比赛上,一位国内跳高运动员面临着冲击金牌的最后一跳。教练对她说 : “跳完这两厘米,你的房子就到手了。” 结果他就是没跳过这两厘米。

在洛杉矶奥运会上,当受了伤的跳水王子洛加尼斯是同样面临着冲击金牌的最后一跳时,教练对他说的是 :“你的妈妈在家等着你呢。跳完这轮,你就可以回家吃你妈妈做的小馅饼了。”洛加尼斯用他的毅力和精神风貌征服了裁判。

This story tells parents and children that .....

Using the same modivation tactic, a new house and mom's meat pie, what is the different impact over the athetlic's respond? At certain important moment, if we impose extra pressure over ourselves, it will affect one's capability to perform. If we simplify the important goal, take it easy, we will be able to perform beyond our exhibit and succeed.

这个故事告诉为人父母和孩子们 。。。

同样是激励性诱导,一所房子与妈妈的小馅饼,在运动员的心理上引起的反映有什么不同呢? 在重要时刻,如果一味地加重自己的心理负担,反而会影响到人的能力发挥。如果将很重要的目标简单化,轻松化,就会超常发挥取得胜利。

Story extracted from “TaiHai Publisher", Beijing.

故事采自于 :帮助孩子成长经典故事全集,台海出版社, 北京

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