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All you need to know about Universal Studio Singapore Part 2

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After lunch, we went back to the Treasure Hunters in Ancient Egypt. As most people had gone for lunch, the waiting time has reduced from 45 minutes to 15 minutes only!

The Lost World
Next, it is time for the WaterWorld performance at 1.30pm. This again is a MUST-NOT-MISSED event. If you can't catch this one, be sure you catch the next one at 4.30pm. There are only two shows daily.

Be prepared to get really wet if you happen to seat within the PRIME Zone!! The wet zones are demarcated so choose your seats at your own risks!

You are about to experience the real live gun-fire fighting and awesome stunts and explosions as in the movie!

There were some moms with young children left the the theater in the middle of the show as it was kind of "unexpected" for young kids though there was no height / age limit.  

See how the crowd enjoyed the water splashing prior to the show began.

By 2pm after we finished watching the WaterWorld and after lunch for some, most crowd gathered in The Lost World at this time of the day. The only attraction in The Lost World that was totally not crowded was the Amber Rock Climb because you need to pay a separate fee to enter for this one. 

I would think that it would be better if Universal Studio can offer another package with entrance fee + Amber Rock Climb at the ticketing booth. It is just psychological thingy I felt because not many people noticed that extra fee applied until they got the map (after purchase the tickets) or until they reached the Amber Rock Climb itself. Many would not want to spend the extra dollars just because it was not included.  

Canopy Flyer was great and the crowd were tremendous too. Unfortunately the waiting time was 50 minutes when we were there. So, we decided to skip this and come back later.

To take this ride, make sure you have tied shoes. However, if you happened to wear slippers, they would advise you to keep them at the designated place.

Dino -Soarin was nothing but just the Dumbo thing in Disneyland. Young children will enjoy this as well. Again, if you do not have much time left, it is alright to skip this one.

Another disappointment was the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. It is a river raft ride within the dinosaur habitats. It was not ready at the point of our visit, unfortunately.

Far Far Away

Then, we moved on to the Far Far Away park. Shrek 4-D Adventure was fantastic. Though there is no height limit, younger children (5 years of age and below) may not enjoy this as it is quite thrilling. Your seat will move, water sprinkling from everywhere, you get a feel of spider crawling over your leg....

Next, the Enchanted Airways. This was really fun. It is not as scary as the normal roller coaster, so children will enjoy it.

Donkey LIVE - I personally don't really enjoy this because first of all in terms of humour, it is nothing comparable to the Stitch in Disneyland. Secondly, which is the sickening part (may be funny for some but...), was when they made fun of one of the audiences about her smelly armpit! It was just a joke of course but out of so many things to talk about, why this one? With such hot weather, it made people felt so uneasy. So, to avoid being grabbed, make sure you choose a seat away from the main aisle in front, at the back, left or right.....

Magic Potion Spin - this one was good only for really very young children. It is located in one of the retail shops - Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop. 

It was 3.30pm when we reached the last park, The Madagascar.

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure
It is a river boat ride into the jungle with Madagascar. But, when we reached the check-point, we were told that they were facing some technical difficulties and trying to fix it. The staff had told us to come back later. So, we did. In fact, we went back there twice! But soon, we found out that the canal was extremely dry. We suspected that the ride was never working since god knows when.

Next is the Party-Go-Round. Basically it is a merry-go-round and that's is it. Your little children will enjoy this.

The Ogre House was a sad encounter as the interior was either not ready or it was not meant to allow visitors to enter? I wasn't sure.

By 4.00pm, we were almost done. We headed back to those rides that we have missed. No hassle at all because the crowd has reduced tremendously.

After going around for all the rides, it was about 6pm. We still have some spare time for shopping in the retail shops within each park. To be frank, it was not easy to spend the souvenir vouchers of SGD15 (SGD5 each for the three of us). They were either too pricy or not practical stuff.

With a fair bit of top up, we ended up buying 1 key chain, 2 pens and one bouncing ball from the retail shops in Hollywood Boulevard before heading home.  

Last but not least, like Disneyland, you would come across movie characters as you walked around the park, be sure to get a snapshot with your favourite artists. Our children may not know all characters. You know like Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop etc. Of course there are also the more recent ones like Madagascar gang, Shrek, Princess Fiona, Woody Woodpecker etc.

All in all, if the park is fully operational, I think the experience would have been much more. The free vouchers indeed compensated some of our disappointments.

Most of the rides are very "adventurous" for my girl though she is 8 and exceeds the minimum height limit. Anyway, I personally feel that bringing toddler there would not be a good idea though. 7 years old and above would be fun.

A few attractions worth-mentioning like the Lights, Camera, Action by Steven Spielberg, The Waterworld, Shrek 4-D and Pantages Hollywood Theater. There are really fantastic live performances that you probably won't get it elsewhere.

I hope Universal Studio Resort Sentosa Singapore can quickly do up the rest of the attractions in the park to make it a "wholesome" adventures for all, that is value for money.

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