Friday, April 2, 2010

WED 2010 World Environment Day

Let's join thousands and millions of people around the world to celebrate 2010 WED on 5th of June. 

Check out this website for more information on what you can do to save the enviroment and the earth.

Since last week, I noticed my girl has been doing something extraordinary. It has been quite a few days she is doing it now.

She turns off the TV by pressing the on/off button on the TV instead of using the remote control. 

She switches on timer to check how much time she needs to finish her bath and make sure she takes no more than 10 minutes.

She switches off air cond and lights when after using them.

In school, she held on to her plastic cup even when she was playing tag because teacher said that they have to recycle the plastic cups!

I am very delighted and grateful that her school and teacher have really treat this environmental issue seriously. I must say they have been doing this really well in educating the children the importance of helping the environment, how to save the environment and what they can do to save the world.

Since young I have been telling or I should say nagging my daughter:

"Girl, switch off the lights in your room!"  

"Why you take so long to bath?"

"You left your room without switching off the air cond again!"

It has been the same old song I have been singing in the house for god knows how long. It didn't improve. Once in a while, she would do it if she remembered. Other times, I was the one doing it for her as I was nagging her. 

I forgot one most important thing. I didn't tell her why she needs to do that. I didn't tell her what would be the consequences if she didn't do it. Instead, her teacher has shared with her hundreds and thousands of incidents happening in the world now which will lead to distinction of wild life, global warming, damage to Earth... So, it all makes sense to her now why she needs to do it.

In fact, in conjunction with the WED 2010, we have made a list in the house what we can do at home to preserve the environment. Here are 20 things we can do to preserve the environment. Please try this at home.

1 - use both side of the paper before chucking it into the bin;
2 - switch off lights after use;
3 - switch off fan after use;
4 - switch off air cond after use;
5 - finish bath within 10 minutes;
6 - wash our clothes in washing machine only when it is full load; 

7 - wash our dishes in dish washer only when it is full load;
8 - when heat water, heat just as much as we need;
9 - try to use recycle containers instead of disposables;
10 - reuse wrapping papers for other purpose;
11 - reuse old magazines for making cards and crafts;
12 - use towel to dry our face and hands instead of using tissues;

13 - don't let water running continuously when brushing teeth, washing face / hands;
14 - don't litter, throw rubbish in dustbin;
15 - don't waste food on the plate, finish them;
16 - don't waste water in the glass, finish them;
17 - recycle the bottles instead of throwing them;
18 - don't use party cups and plates at home unless really necessary;
19 - don't throw away unwanted clothes, donate or reuse for something else, bedazzle them if you like!
20 - don't wash oil down the sink.  

I think if every parent does a bit, every kid does a bit, we will be able to achieve something. 

Bear in mind that the best way to educate our children to love the environment is by doing it ourselves.

"A Greening Planet is a Grinning Planet.

Let's work together to make our earth greener."

For this purpose, I created a "What Have You Done Today?" measuring chart. I reward my girl one point for each and every good gesture she did at home.

The rules are simple. In fact there is only one rule. For as long as she does it on her own without anybody tipping her, she gets a point.

She will win herself free play time if she gets 50 points in a week. After this whole exercise, these good gestures will soon become habits. It will continue with her for the rest of her life.

To download the "What Have You Done Today?" measuring chart :-  Click here

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