Friday, April 2, 2010

Earth Hour

In 2009, millions of people all around the world turned off their lights in conjunction with Earth Hour. This year, once again we saw many people around the world have come together on 27 March 2010 (Saturday) 8.30pm to 9.30pm local time in support to take action on the climate change.

New Zealand’s Chatham Islands was the first territory to start Earth Hour and South Pacific island of Samoa was the last, taken place 24 ¾ hours later.

A small gesture by each individual around the world, we could bring our act together and be united as one. I believe this is the spirit of Earth Hour

I always wonder what it would be like seeing this event taking place from the universe? It would definitely be a spectacular view overseeing the whole event taking place! I hope God is somewhere watching this and would appreciate our efforts and be kind enough to continue to protect us and the Earth.

On the night of Earth Hour, we had a torch light night. A kid asked me why do we need to switch off lights on Earth Hour? I said we want to protect our Earth.

The kid asked again: "Why do we do it only on Earth Hour and not everyday? If we do it everyday, I can play with torch light everyday and we can protect our Earth everyday too!"  

What he said really struck me. Yeah, why we don't do this everyday? What would it have contributed to Earth if we only do it one hour in a year?  

So, I have decided in continuing the spirit of Earth Hour, I will do this everyday instead of once a year :- 

- switch off the lights when not using them;

- minimize the number of lights to be switched on if can't switch them off totally;

- remind , myself to do it and educate my children to do the same.

I hope everybody out there will do the same. 

Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find.
Quoted in Time

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