Thursday, November 5, 2009

stubborn price tag!

This is nothing related to the theme of my blog but I just thought I want to share this little useful idea. 

Ever experienced difficulties in removing price tag marks on utensils, books, kitchenware, plastics etc.? (oh yeah.. at least related to books, bit related to learning, therefore a bit bit related to the theme of my blog...) Anyway, it is seldom but still a few occasions we would encounter such iritation. Because many retailers nowadays are much more thoughtful than before. At least they have gone either to barcode system without price tagging or at least they would opt for better quality price tag that does not leave any marks on the products.

I recently bought a laddle from a small supermarket. They were somehow "smart" enough not to tag the price tag on the handle but on the part where we use to scoop soup. It is not a good idea to use turpentine or thinner to remove the tag I am sure.

I happened to come across with this little idea - something we definitely have at home ie. Multi-Purpose Flour.

First, peel away the price tag as much as you could leaving just the stubborn trails behind.

Spread a bit of the multi-purpose flour on the surface where the stubborn trails were.

Use your second finger to lightly move about on the surface in a circular direction. 

The stubborn trails were practically gone in less than one minute! 

Remove the excess flour together with the stubborn trails.

That's all. No more struggling to wash away the terrible turpentine smell! 

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