Thursday, October 29, 2009

little idea corner - simply yogurt snack!

I want to start this new section called "Little Idea Corner" because I happened to, well I should say I accidentally found this little idea....which becoming quite a favourite to my girl now.

Every time she has one of them, she would like both to come together!

The story was like this. One afternoon, both me and my girl were feeling a bit hungry. It was snack time! So, my daugther was after her favourite cheese biscuits. But, I was having a bit of sore throat,  I wasn't keen to take any biscuit. So, I opted for yogurt instead. 

As my girl was happily opening up the cheese biscuits package, she saw more crumbs than biscuits in there. Oooouuhhh,.... how are we going to eat that? So, we had an idea. We sprinkled the crumbs into the yogurt and started to eat them. 

Yu..yummy... The taste was fanstastic! The biscuit crumbs made the yogurt "crunchy" yet adding a bit of sweet taste to the yogurt. If you were not sure if your kids would love this, you could probably sprinkled a little bit first and let them have a try. 

We tried also with cereal and butter biscuits, it worked as tasty as well. As long as these biscuits / crackers are creamfree and not too sweet, it goes very well with yogurt.

From now on, other than mixing milk or milo to cereal for breakfast, we add yogurt instead. 

One of the superb combination was using the Pepperridge Farm Goldfish Colors cheddar cheese crackers plus any plain colour fruit yogurt.  The salty taste of the crackers adds flavour to the yogurt. In addition, because of the colourful crackers, it looks so tempting like ice cream with rainbow sprinkles toppings. We call this "Simply Yogurt Snack"!

Try it! 


  1. wow.. u are amazing... good idea, its healthy and tasty at the same time :)

  2. have u tried? nowadays my girl puts almost any cereal in her yogurt ha!