Friday, September 4, 2009

Simple Action but Great Results!

One day out of the blue, my girl was asking me why I didn't give her anymore certificates with stars since she has been so cooperative in her home studies nowadays.

Well, the story was like this. it started with her being very tired and unwilling to study Malay and Mandarin at home (since these subjects are not in her school syllabus but she will need it one day when we are back to our home country. Therefore, her teacher, obviously it is me!, has to conduct the teaching at home.). I recalled I started off by giving her lectures over lectures the importance of studying these languages. It doesn't seem to work. She was alright for the first few lessons, after that, her old habits came back again.

One day I drew her a graph to show her what has she been doing over the past one week. Do check out the story in my blog under Does one solution always lead to another problem? what had happened. I promised her that if she did well in the entire week's study, I will give her a nice certificate with 50 stars. I have been doing that for a couple of weeks since June 09. During summer holiday, we were back home to KL and you know obviously when it is holiday, there are things that we won't need to do, including preparing the certificates! When we were back to Hanoi at the end of our summer break, I totally forgotten about this. She said: "Mum, it is over 2 weeks we are back here and you didn't give me any certificate?" Ops! Sorry, everybody forgets once in a little while. Mum forgets all the time!!

Actually the truth was, I thought, since she has been behaving well all these while, I guess i could do away with this "artificial" stuff. But, it seems otherwise.

So I quickly printed out a nice special colour certificate with 500 stars (to recover her losses so to speak!) and she was so happy and she filed it in her little pink folder.

I guess this method really works!! Try it out!!

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