Friday, September 18, 2009

A Special Birthday [不一样的生日] ~ 4/4

I like writing little stories for my girl. I shared my thoughts through these stories I wrote to her.

This story in particular... it started off with a project she has to do in school "Who Am I?"

In this project, she needed to put together all the photos on how she celebrated her birthdays since birth. She needed to write a few sentences about her birthdays. Obviously it was mummy's job as well. I started off searching for the relevant photos hoping to bring back some memories of the past. I must say that we didn't celebrate every birthday in a grand way.

As she was doing it, I noticed that she was kind of upset when it came to the "quiet birthdays".

I decided to write this story for her.

For ease of reading, I have split the story in four parts.
Please start from "A Special Birthday [不一样的生日] ~ 1/4".

Little Story for your child to read

"Hi children, please pass up your little birthday story. Let teacher see whose story is the most special one." Homeroom teacher said first thing in the morning.

Cheng passed up her little story happily. Everybody else in the class did too. Some even brought along their birthday gifts and photos.

"Class, I have read through all the stories and they are very lovely. I have chosen one special one to share with all of you." Said the teacher.

My little Birthday Story

My birthdays were very simple. It was almost the same every
year. There was only a little cake and that's all. Neither a big surprise presents nor Barbie doll.

But, I enjoyed every moment of it because every year my daddy and mummy would make me a birthday cake. They learned to make different fruit cakes because I enjoyed both fruits and cakes. Most of all I love rainbow.
When I was one, my daddy and mummy made a strawberry cake for my birthday.
When I was two, my daddy and mummy made an orange cake for my birthday.
When I was three, my daddy and mummy made a banana cake for my birthday.
When I was four, my daddy and mummy made a green apple cake for my birthday.
When I was five, I had a blueberry cake for my birthday.
When I was six, they made me an indigo Hello Kitty (my favourite of character of all times) because there was no indigo colour fruits!
Now I am seven years old, my daddy and mummy will make me a purple grape cake.
They did give me a birthday present every year. I wish to thank my daddy and mummy for what they have done, this little birthday story is for them.
~~ Written by Cheng ~~






我的生日很简单 (jiǎn dān),每一年的生日都是一模一样的。只有一个蛋糕,没有朋友送的大礼物,也没有Barbie 娃娃。

可是,我过得很开心。因为每一年的生日,爸爸和妈妈会给我做一个蛋糕。 爸爸和妈妈为了我的生日每一年都学做不一样的水果蛋糕,是因为我很喜欢吃水果,又喜欢吃蛋糕,也很喜欢彩虹 (cǎi hóng)。






当我六岁时,因为找不到靛 (diàn) 色的水果,爸爸和妈妈送给我一个靛色的hello kitty (我最喜爱的卡通娃娃)蛋糕。

~~~ 真真写 ~~~

The world becomes much more beautiful if there is

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