Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Way Home 回家的路 - The Relocation Begins!

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I started organizing the packing, got some quotes from the relocation experts and finally got them to come in for final measurements. And hoooh.... time flies, came the day they came to pick up the goods from our house, time to say bye bye.

by the way, in case you are looking for not-so-expensive shipping agent, you can consider for MAS Cargo ( They do not provide the household cargo service to all cities in the world but at least major cities are (ie. In Vietnam, MAS Cargo covers Ho Chi Minh City but not Hanoi). So, if you happen to be in the cities where MAS Cargo is available and you are looking for budget shipping, feel free to contact them to find out more.  For my shipment, the price difference as compared to the relocation agents was 50% at least.

Since it is cheap. it comes with a price of course.

The "complication" is you need to deal with three parties, separated but related. Let me put it this way, all the parties are related to MAS Cargo but they operate on its own. One party will come to your house to pick up the goods and have them check-in at the airport, the second party, which MAS Cargo itself, will ensure your goods are delivered via air freight to the destination country. Upon checking-out, you can commission another party to assist in custom clearance and transfer to your doorstep after. This could be an option in case the company you are servicing does not provide relocation coverage.

These three parties as I said, they are related but they operate independently.  Unfortunately I can't comment much about the service because finally I did not use the service. The company my husband was working then had requested us to use their appointed relocation agent instead. Anyone out there, if you had experienced using MAS Cargo before, perhaps can share it with us then!  

Back to where I was, hooooff... there goes our goods and the next day, in the morning of Christmas, we flew home.

With that, our new chapter of life begins.... with many great challenges and adventures awaiting us!!

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