Thursday, April 29, 2010

All you need to know about Hong Kong Disneyland Part III

The Fantasyland

The Sleeping Beauty castle is the entrance to The Fantasyland. You can't really go inside the castle. This castle is the centre stage where the Disney on Stars Fireworks comes alive at 8pm every night. 

This is how The Sleeping Beauty Castle looks like at night.

The Fantasyland is the park with most numbers of rides. If you really do not have enough time to complete all the rides, then make sure you don't miss the following: 

- The 4D Mickey PhilharMagic - this is way much better than the 3D movies. Be there at least 20 minutes before the show time. Try to get the centre front seats.

- The Many Adventure of Winnie The Pooh - Enter the world of Winnie. Pooh bear is so so cute! For this ride, there is fast pass. So, make sure you grab one as soon as you arrive at The Fantasyland. Time is stipulated on your fast pass. Usually it is 1 - 2 hours before the ride. You can utilise this waiting time to enjoy other rides. 
- The Golden Mickey - It is a real live stage performance by Disney's most famous characters. Try to get the seats in the centre of the theater by the aisle. No regrets!

- It's a Small World - Though the world is really small, it is fascinating!
- Mad Hatter's Tea Cups - Similar to those tea cups ride you can find in other theme park but this one is more fun!
- Cinderella's Carousel - beautiful and grand. Must try! Be Cinderella for once!
You can skip Snow White Grotto all together as it is a totally-normal wishing well.

The rest of the rides in Fantasyland are normal. It is all right if you can't make it.

We spent almost 4 hours in Fantasyland. It was time for dinner then. Plenty of restaurants / stalls to choose. Just hop into any of them. The food are not bad but it is pricy though! You need to spend easily a HKD30 - HKD50 per person if you dine in any restaurants.  

After dinner, spend sometime in the retails shops around the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Around 7.00pm, the Disneyland staff will direct everybody to exit from the park. The only area that remains open is The Main Street of U.S.A. You can continue your shopping until the Disney On Stars Fireworks. It starts at 8.00pm but make sure you find a good spot and be there 30 minutes before the show.

The entire fireworks performance was almost half an hour. There is only one word to decribe this -- MAGICAL!

After the fireworks, the retail shops will remain open if the crowd is still there. You can continue to shop until you drop.

Head back to the hotel for a rest and start another day fresh.
The Tomorrowland

The park opens at 10am. You can be there earlier. They open around 9.45am. When we were there, we head towards The Tomorrowland.

What we enjoyed most in Tomorrowland was Stitch Encounter, the Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. We didn't get to try out the Autopia. I believe it is nice as the queue was extremely long that we decided to spend out time elsewhere.

Stitch Encounter - I won't tell you exactly what will happen but do get the front seat if you wish to have interaction with Stitch. Very very funny! It is multi-lingual. So, please check the schedule for the language you prefer. 
Space Mountain - In door roller coaster. For those who are scared of roller coaster like me, this one seems very safe. Children above 102cm are allowed to take the ride. But if you ask me, any children below 7 or timid child, I would think that you may want to wait for them to grow older. 
I was told by a friend that if you ride on a roller coaster with your eyes opened, the ride is not scared at all. I am not too sure how true this is, perhaps you can give it a try!

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
This one is fun especially for boys. It is like playing computer games but it is real life. There are plenty of fast pass to give away for this ride. So, you can play it over and over again. In fact, that was wat we did!
After you have experience all the parks, now is the time you can revisit some of the rides or performances you like best.

We still have time, so we headed back to Fantasyland for the Mickey's PhilharMagic, the Many Adventure of Winnie The Pooh and The Golden Mickey.

One last stop that you must not missed, The Art Academy. The queue was surprisingly short. Perhaps it is tucked at one corner, not many people realise it.

Once you are in, anybody can be a cartoonist! Here, they teach you how to draw a Disney character. We learned to draw Winnie The Pooh and believe me, I never knew I could draw! 

It is almost time for us to say goodbye to Hong Kong Disneyland. I hope the information provided here is helpful enough to make your journey to Hong Kong Disneyland as leisure and as fruitful as possible.

Oh yes, one last thing I forgot to mention, spot the real live Disney characters and get a snap with them. They are everywhere around the park. The only thing is the queue is extremely long as well.


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