Thursday, February 25, 2010

did i forget she has grown up or did she forget she is still a kid?

After a "tired" Chinese New Year, the ever best memories to compensate would be good food, get-together with old friends and relatives. It is time to get back to work!

The Chinese New Year particularly, I realised that my daughter "transformed".

She became easily annoyed. Initially, I thought perhaps it was due to the noise around the house that agitated her because of more people in the house..... I myself got agitated if the noise level was too high though.

Soon I found out the otherwise. She actually trying to impress her grandparents how much she has grown-up and how independent she has turned out to be. In my eyes, she is still my little girl but in her grandparents' eyes, she must not be.

Everytime when she was doing something, I tend to watch over her and as soon as she was not able to handle, I "jumped in for the rescue". Immediately she raised her voice and screamed loudly : "I know! I know!!". As soon as the scream was over, she turned around to other direction and tried to do it again. I was left looking into empty air. It was a great horror for me because she has never rejected my help all these while.

Then, I decided to have a chat with her. To my surprise, she actually felt embarrassed when I helped her! She wanted to be a grown-up least in front of her grandfathers and grandmothers. She wants them to believe that she is a capable girl.

Something that I didn't know she could do or she would do, she did it. She offered to wash dishes after our dinner which was really rare unless it was my birthday or something! She woke up early in the morning and be the first to finish brushing her teeth! She finished her meals very fast as well!! 

We had a great chat and it was good. She toned down tremendously and as for me, I learned something.

I learned to ask : "Do you want mummy's help?" before I stretched my hands out to do for her. Sigh.... was it a MST (ie. Mom's Syndrome Thing) that we forget our child has grown-up? or our kid actually forgotten that they are still small little kid? I really don't know. For all you know, I might had done the same when I was young too.

p/s. You know what, eversince we came back to HCMC ie. 1,000km away from her grandparents, she didn't mind being the last to brush her teeth in the morning and I didn't even have a chance to ask :“Do you want mummy's help?" because literally everything was still done by dear MUMMY's DIARY and that's me!!

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