Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FORTH Bahasa Melayu Lesson - KATA NAMA AM dan KATA NAMA KHAS

Hi, it has been quite sometime I haven't have the time to put these lessons together. I am now busy preparing for shipping list and ready to come back to Malaysia for good, anytime!

Thank god I did all these lessons for my daughter and hopefully she will be able to adapt to the local school when we come back to Malaysia next year.

So, this lesson No. 4 is about Kata Nama Am and Kata Nama Khas. This is quite easy to understand. It's just that at this age, I don't really emphasize children to remember the term "Kata Nama Am" and "Kata Nama Khas". What I will and have been doing is keep repeating the term as I come across with examples of them. Slowly, they will be able to relate the term "Kata Nama Am" and "Kata Nama Khas" and have a full understanding what they are all about. 

I started off listing down many examples of "Kata Nama Am" and "Kata Nama Khas". Something they already know or some places they have been would be much useful and easy to understand. We as parents understand our children best. My worksheets are tailored to what my daughter knows. The following are examples of simple worksheets which I believe is not difficult for any beginners to pick up:

By the end of these exercise, children will have a better understanding of the concept and able to identify examples around them easily.

To download the entire Unit 4 Kata Nama Am dan Kata Nama Khas in PDF format : Click Here

To download other UNITS in PDF format : go to Quick Downloads

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