Friday, September 18, 2009

A Special Birthday [不一样的生日] ~ 1/4

Little Story for your child to read 给孩子自己读的小故事
"Children, how did you celebrate your birthday every year? Write them down." Said the homeroom teacher to all the students one day.
"you can write down what you get on your birthdays, how did you celebrate every birthday? Where did you have your birthdays? Who did you celebrate the birthdays with? Let's see whose birthday story is the best and the most special one."
After listening to what the teacher said, Cheng felt very sad because her birthdays were just and really nothing. Only a cake, and there was no present from anyone but a cake. Every year, her birthday was celebrated on their little round dining table at home. Daddy and mummy would sing her a birthday song, followed by Cheng would cut the cake. It has been the same thing over and over every year. What could Cheng write to please her teacher and her classmates?
Other children must have very special birthdays, vaca-birthday on a cruise, in nice restaurants, on boat. In addition, they would receive plenty of presents and gifts too! Games, Barbie dolls, remote control car, airplane and others. But, Cheng didn't have anything.



“你们可以写下每一个生日得到的生日礼物 (lǐ wù),过了一个怎样的生日会,生日在那里过,和谁一起过生日。让我们看看谁的生日会最棒、最特别。”

真真听了老师的话,苦着脸儿在想 , 因为她每一年的生日,只有一个蛋糕。没有礼物,也没有什么特别的生日会。每一年的生日都在家里的小圆饭桌上过。爸爸和妈妈唱生日歌给她听,然后真真切蛋糕。

而且,会有很多礼物吧!有电动游戏机、Barbie 娃娃、电动汽车、玩具飞机 等等。可是真真一份礼物也没有。

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