Monday, August 3, 2009

SECOND Bahasa Melayu Lesson – Saling Hormat-Menghormati

In this chapter, the objective is to learn how to greet people, how to say thank you and say good bye, how are you? please have a seat etc.

The easiest way to get children to learn and remember is through repetition and role play.

Let’s not emphasize on whether they are able to spell the words out, or whether they are able to speak without looking at the text, at least not at this stage. The idea at this stage is merely to let them familiarise with the new language.
Some of the worksheets I did look like this:-

Next is role play. This is the core to understanding of the entire chapter.

Role Play 1

Practice using Selamat Pagi / Selamat Petang / Selamat Tengah hari / Selamat Malam.

• Change the name you greet by asking your child to think of a name.
• For example, your child came up with the name “Ting Ting”.
• Then you greet him / her : “Selamat Pagi, Ting Ting”. Next, ask your child to reply the same greeting i.e.. “Selamat Pagi”.

To download the entire Unit 2 Saling Hormat-Menghormati file in PDF format : Click Here

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