Friday, July 10, 2009

Little Monkey Went to the Foothill 小猴子下山

Little story for our children,

There was once a naughty monkey, he escaped to the foothill without his mum knowing it. He looked around, here and there. Everything at the foothill seems too interesting to him.

The little naughty monkey kept running forward, soon he came to an orchard full of peaches, plenty of red huge peaches on the trees. The little naughty monkey couldn’t resist what he saw. He climbed up to one of the trees, chose the biggest peach and plugged it off from the tree.

When he was about to eat the peach, he saw a sweet corn farm ahead not far away from him. He was interested to find out more about the sweet corn farm. From far, he saw the sweet corns were big and filling. He thought to himself: These fresh sweet corns must be very tasty, I might as well pick one nice sweet corn!”

He threw away the peach and went for the sweet corn. As soon as he was overwhelmed by a big huge sweet corn in his arm, he saw a rabbit running out from the bushes in front of him. He thought to himself: “How nice if I can catch this rabbit and make it my playmate!” He left his sweet corn and went after the rabbit. Unfortunately, the rabbit was too fast for him; it disappeared into the bushes again.

The little naughty monkey threw away his peach, left his sweet corn and finally couldn’t get the rabbit either. In the end, he had no choice but to return home with empty hands.




正当它张嘴准备要吃桃时,又看见前面不远处有一片玉米, 对那儿又产生了兴趣。它走近一看,这里的玉米结得又大又饱满,它心里想 :这新鲜的玉米一定很好吃,我干脆去掰一个玉米吧!

小猴子扔了桃子又去掰了玉米。正当它满怀欣喜地抱着一颗饱满的玉米时,突然从草丛钻出一只小野兔,小猴心里想 :我要是能捉到这只小兔,让它陪我一块儿玩耍该多好啊!”它丢下了玉米去追兔子,小兔很快的钻进草丛里不见了。

This story tells our children that .....

No matter what we do, we must do it from the start till the end, do not give up easily. The little naughty monkey in the story was never appreciated what he had and had the impression that the mountain ahead of him would be a better place to be. In the end, he didn’t get anything, therefore went home with empty hands.



Story extracted from “China Xi Ju Publisher", Beijing.
故事采自于 :引领孩子成长的哲理故事,中国戏剧出版社, 北京

Translation by a Happy Housewife & a Happy Mum 翻译

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