Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FIRST Bahasa Melayu Lesson - Unit 1 Kenali Saya

I recalled the first Bahasa Melayu lesson I taught Lv. It was about knowing yourself "Kenali Saya". The story was probably about 12 - 15 sentences. Almost every sentence has alien vocab. to her! And not only one, but many aliens in a sentence!

the story was something like this ......

Nama saya ialah Lam Hui Ni.
Saya bersekolah di Sekolah Antarabangsa Singapore.
Saya berumur tujuh tahun.
Dalam keluarga saya ada empat orang ahli, iaitu ayah, ibu, adik dan saya.
Saya tinggal dengan keluarga saya di Shah Alam.

Swee Leng ialah sahabat baik saya.
Dia tinggal dengan keluarganya di Shah Alam juga.
Pekerjaan bapa saya ialah jurutera.
Ibu saya pula ialah seorang suri rumahtangga.
Adik saya berumur dua tahun. Namanya ialah Lam Hui Fei.
Ibu bapa sayang akan saya.

Saya sangat sayang kepada keluarga saya juga.
Keluarga saya sangat bahagia.

p/s: BTW, the "bold" words are aliens to her

I wanted to crash my head to wall. What has she been learning in kindergarten for the past one year?

I tried several approaches.
First approach : I explained each and every vocab. as we read along. Then, I realised that she was not learning a single word from there.

Second approach : I started to draw arrows here and there indicating the meaning of each alien in English. That didn't work as well because the moment i covered up the English words, she managed to pull some out of her memory but still very hesitant.

Third approach : I started to "dismantle" each and every sentence in the story and I taught her Step by Step.

My worksheets look pretty simple and as I said, it is "totally-not-fancy" but the fonts are really BIG! Below are some of the worksheets I did for her.

To download the entire Unit 1 Kenali Saya file in PDF format : Click Here

To download other UNITS in PDF format : go to Quick Downloads

By doing this in a step-by-step way, she managed to understand the story within the next 3 days. And, more so, it opened up her mind that "Well, Bahasa Melayu is not so difficult to learn after all!" She moved on from there quite nicely and steady now.

Our children can learn great things. As long the material is right, they can do miracles!

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